[Review] Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table


The Body Max IT6000 inversion table has been a great product for those people looking to alleviate spine related pain. For many people, they have always wanted something that can deliver on the best needs for dealing with lower back pains. Most people think opting for a cheaper option might not be the best in the long run. However, this product is made to be sturdy enough to handle regular use even with people of different weights. Many people who have used would advise those with herniated discs or other related spine conditions that might cause numbness to use this product. To help you understand more about the inversion table, check out its review below.

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The Body Max IT6000 inversion table is made to weigh only 46 pounds. This makes it among the lightest inversion tables you might have ever seen on the market. Even with the lightweight construction, the table is surprisingly sturdy. The tubular steel frame prevents the inversion table from bending even with regular use of the product each day. The one thing you could say it is prone to would be the scratches as it is painted with common paint.

To enhance safety when using the inversion table, the manufacturer recommends that you lock down the two folding arms so as to get a stable construction. The folding arms will prevent the table from sliding even more. For additional support and safety, the feet are covered with rubber so that they become skid resistant. This is important to prevent cases of sliding which could be disastrous for a person hanging upside down.


The Body Max inversion table is simple, but there is still the chance to make you feel comfortable when using it. The table comes with a backrest cushion, which might not be the most comfortable, but it sure serves the purpose. If you feel that the back rest does not have enough cushion for your back, you might add on your own by buying cushions from a store near you.

To make sure that comfort is still enhanced, you might want to balance the table. This is in aim to achieve the right height on the boom based on your height and comfort levels. Not all settings will always work for you, so making the adjustments it always important. If you experience any trouble making the adjustments, you might want to consider checking out the manufacturer’s instructions to get it right.

Ankle locker
You will of course need to lock your ankle before you can start working out on the inversion table. Just like the other parts of the inversion table, the product is made to be simple and works great for many users. It is advisable to always wear shoes and socks when inverting. This is with an aim to increase comfort and grip for the ankles. The whole system is made up of four foam rollers and a spring locking mechanism that offers the best adjustment. Whenever you are locking the ankles, make sure that the support pin is placed very low so that it is easy to bend over and reach it.

Assembly process

The manufacturer did a good job of making an instructional DVD that you can use for the whole assembly process. Even without the video, it is quite simple when it comes to the assembly process. For a person who has never assembled one, you should be in a position to have it standing within just an hour. This could be by following the directions in the manual or the DVD. Unfortunately, you might have to buy your own tools important for fixing up the whole table into its working condition. The tools are the ones commonly to tie a few things around the house, so it should not be hard to get them.


  • The table will effectively alleviate the back pains or neck pains after using it for only a few sessions
  • It is made to be a very stable table
  • There is the inclusion of a safety lock that keeps the table secure to avoid cases of inverting
  • It also comes with a weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • You can easily fold and move it around


  • It does not come with the best comfort features with many users complaining about its comfort
  • The table is made with cheap materials that makes it feel less sturdy


By now, you probably know that with the many inversion tables on the market, sometimes it can be hard to choose the best. As for this review, it helps you learn more about the Body Max IT6000 inversion table so that you can buy knowing more about it. This inversion table comes at a reasonable price so that you on restricted budget can also workout with ease.

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