[Review] Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table


The Body Champ IT8070 inversion table is considered as a good choice for people looking for a great table to do all sorts of inversion exercises. This is all because the table is designed to make regular workouts to be easier and still effective. If you are always suffering from back pain, muscle pains or even stress, this could be a great place for you to try out and see if there are chances for you get better. For those who have used it before agree that it helps relieves the strain on your spinal column by elongating and decompressing.

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The assembly process

You no longer have to worry about assembling the inversion table when you decide to choose this product. From many similar reviews, it is easy to conclude that the product is quite easy to assemble and start using. When fully assembled, it can weigh up to 50 pounds. This means that you get to enjoy a lot more of the exercises by simply moving it to where there is more space.

The design

To ensure that more people get to love it, the product is designed to hold your body easily in place and still feel comfortable. You will not even feel the discomfort that comes with hanging upside down. The foam is made to be high density so that you can enjoy using the same foam for a long time without needing to change it anytime soon.

With an aim to still increase the comfort, the backrest pad is still made to be comfortable. This should give you that extra bit of comfort you are looking for when inverting. With the ankle supports also padded, you should feel all comfortable when working out on this inversion table.

The ankle supports are also made to be adjustable. This is to ensure that people of different heights can get to use the same ankle support system by simply adjusting the system to fit their needs.


If you have checked out several types of inversion tables, you might have seen that they largely differ when it comes to the capacity they can handle for the inversion routines. For this model, it is made to deliver an impressive support for people who weigh up to 250 pounds. This should be a great weight capacity that can accommodate a lot of people who want to use the table for a great workout.

Whenever it is not in use, you can easily fold it and store away. For such a case, you can always end up saving up a lot more space when it comes to storing the table. You only need to pull it out when it is only necessary.

Inversion capability

The angle of inversion for this table can be controlled by using the safety strap and lock provided by the manufacturer. This makes sure that you can get the best inversion angle that works for your case. Once you have your inversion angle, you can easily rest your body against the table and there you go. Always make sure that you have locked your feet into the ankle supports to avoid falling over.

It is as simple as that; you do not have to worry about dealing with any complicated steps before you can start exercising. You simply need to refer to the manual given by the manufacturer in the event you do not understand how to do it.


Many people would want to know if the table is stable enough to guarantee the safety of the person who will be using it. The table is actually made safe so that you can always use it for many inversion sessions. Other safety features include the use of U-shaped handrails that give added security to ensure that the table is secure when you go into the inverted position.


  • The table is made to be affordable and also get the job done easily whenever you work out on it
  • The table is made to be stable and durable
  • The table folds away easily for storage
  • The safety bars included helps a person to return to the upright position


  • The ankle supports do not have enough padding to ensure you feel comfortable during the entire time upside down
  • Having a lightweight frame makes it more suited for users with average weight

The Body Champ IT8070 inversion table is something you can easily afford if you are looking to start working out on your back and deal with the back pain. This is also for people on a budget and are looking for a simple product that help them with their exercises. The table might have been made to be simple, but it sure makes it easy for you to work out more often on it. Within a few weeks, you should feel there is a difference.

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