Does Red Light Therapy Really Work?

Red Light Therapy

Technology today is constantly evolving to satisfy human needs and desires. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, there is a solution waiting for you, helping you lead a healthier fitter life.

The one new technology you have heard about recently is the Red Light Therapy. Here, a red, low light is passed through your skin that helps in tissue repair and growth, synthesis of vitamin D, and tightening of the skin by collagen production. Red Light Therapy is a more scientific name and is often called biostimulation, low-level laser therapy, light box therapy, or photonic stimulation.

Why is it Low Light?

It is called a low light therapy because the intensity of light used is lower than that of laser therapy. Our bodies absorb the red light eight to 10 millimetres deep where it interacts with cellular energy, metabolic processes, and multiple nerve endings. Apart from cosmetic procedures, red light therapy is used for ageing caused by cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy, cellular energy, joint pain caused by osteoarthritis, skin discolouration, and chronic muscular pain. The therapy aims to help you relax your muscles in turn ameliorating pain and ensuring that you can lead a healthier, normal life.

Does the therapy have any side effects? According to Light Therapy Options LLC, red light therapy is proven not to have any sight effects and has many anti-ageing benefits.

How was the therapy founded?

While popular today, the origins of the therapy date back to more than 25 years.

In 1993, NASA asked a QDI, a research company to research about red light and found that when the technology can promote plant growth in space. A further contract was signed to search the effects it will have on human cells.

When used at 660 nanometers, the red light demonstrated effective health benefits. After running several clinical trials, the FDA approved the light therapy for treating joint pain caused by osteoarthritis, tightening of the skin, and other benefits. Some cosmetic benefits of the red light therapy include a reduction in stretch marks, muscle tightening, and heal eczema. The therapeutic window for treatment is 600-900 nm.

When humans are exposed to light energy, it helps in the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate that boosts anti-ageing energy at cellular level. Unlike other therapies, red light therapy is relaxing and has revolutionized many medical treatments. It has proven to improve wrinkles in just eight to 12 weeks.

This brings us to the question – does the therapy really work?

It is a best infrared light therapy and can cause as much as $300 a month. First few sessions are placed closely, and the gap increases eventually. It needs a great commitment from your side since you’ll have to go for therapy for at least three to four times a week. During later stage of the therapy, it becomes more convenient since it is only one to two times a week. The entire therapy lasts for at least one to three depending on the rehabilitation required. It can sometimes be even longer as it depends on the person’s condition.

So yes, this concludes that the therapy really works. It needs you to be patient and have endurance because it has shown long term effects in curing joint and muscle pains. Another benefit that isn’t much talked about is bringing blood pressure to a normal level. However, one thing must be clear that it can’t help singlehandedly use for stabilizing abnormal levels of blood pressure.

How is it different from blue light therapy?

Blue light therapy is also phototherapy, which doesn’t produce heat and is less monochromatic. It is used majorly for cosmetic purposes like treating acne and reducing inflammation and pigmentation. Since it is a weaker light, you can use it at home and can perform 30 minutes procedure twice a day by following the given instruction.

If you are planning to get red light therapy, you should go to a certified clinic or hospital who can decide your dosage and length of treatment. Some technicians also come at home and give you the treatment if your joint pain is too extreme, which can impede your basic movements.

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