Lower Left Back Pain: Causes and Treatments


Break your lower back pain before it breaks you with the. The complete manuscript to how to beat lower left back pain.

I doubt there would be any hand unraised there, who has never faced a back pain in their life. And why not, with the sedantric lifestyle we all are facing today, ergonomics is a major issue of our health.

Taking the top position is undoubtedly the calm eroding lower back pain. And if we move a little deeper, you would find that the lower left side back pain is the most common out of all the back pains.

In order to understand as to how to beat this problem, first we need to comprehend what is a left low back pain. Unlike a lower back pain, there are different causes to a lower left back pain and you need to understand the difference to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

Common Causes of Lower Left Back Pain?

While low back pain can be classified into two broad sections: acute and chronic it is important to understand that there can be mainly two reasons for a left low back pain to occur in once body.
Neuropathic pain is induced due to tampered nerve tissue and nociceptive pain taking place outside the nervous system.

One of the most widely faced example of the first kind, is that of pinched nerve while that of the second, is arthritis.

Here are some of the reasons why a low left back pain occurs in the first place.

Problems With Your Spinal Structure

Some of the causes of a lower back pain is when you have a problem with the spinal structure. There could be a good many reasons for this, and here is a look at some of them.

  • Bulged or herniated discs
  • Muscle congestions and crams, or even imbalances
  • Muscle strain, injury or trauma to the back muscles, ligaments or joints
  • Stress and compression on lumbar nerves

If in any case you see any severity in lower back pain, you should always consult a doctor as it may be a case of herniated disc or sciatica.

Damage to internal organs

The other common reason for lower back pain is when there is damage to your internal organs. Again, this could be of different reasons. Here is a look at a few of them.

  • Kidney stones or a kidney infection
  • Pancreatitis and Gynecological disorders

You could particularly feel the pain when you have a kidney stone that moves inside the left kidney, or even perhaps when the stones go through the thin tubes that connect your left kidney to the bladder. You could, apart from the pain, also have difficulty when it comes to urinating, one of the reasons you could know the cause behind this.

Apart from that, kidney infection is another reason – the infections are known to start in the urinary tract and bladder, and apart from the pain, often cause nausea and vomiting. You could even see some local inflammation there and the pain would worsen as you move or exert more pressure.

The other reason, as discussed above, is a gynecological disorder. Here, the pain you would encounter is usually sporadic in nature – and it is a sharp pain that you would feel. The pain is caused when you have excess uterine tissue growing outside the uterus. Apart from the pain, there are some other additional symptoms as well with this condition – which includes everything from fatigue to more pain during menstruation. For women, it could mean more pain with intercourse too.

Apart from these reasons, pregnancy and Ulcerartive colitis could also cause a lower back pain. It is a good idea to consult a doctor if you feel a nagging or sharp pain that refuses to go away.

The Top Treatments for Lower Left Side Back Pain that Can Follow

Now as you have understood the common causes that may lead you to a left lower back pain, it is time to get you through the obvious remedies that can help you to get rid of the medical problem in case it occurs in your body.

Let us take a look at the major treatments that you can follow while suffering from lower left back pain.

Following is a list of the common and most widely used remedial treatments that can help you to get rid of this problem.

  • Muscle Balance and inversion therapy.
  • Trigger point as well as inversion and decompression therapy
  • Using the best cushion or having a healthy lifestyle including meditation and relaxation
  • Have a focus on improving your diet, the better you eat the healthier you would live
  • Drink more clean and filtered water

Muscle imbalances are often considered to be the biggest cause of lower left back pain. Thus, if you are not well acquainted with muscle imbalances, you should consider knowing it today. Here’s a quick look insight into it.

If you suffer from a low back pain for more than duration of 24 hours then it is highly recommended for you to take a quick appointment of your family doctor. It is a very important part to diagnose the cause of the pain before further arbitrary treatment.

How to prevent left side back pain?

If you are someone who has still not been a victim of this problem, then it is recommendable for you to get your day through a proper ergo care due to which you would always be able to keep this problem at bay.

Here is how you can do it.

While walking and sitting, do not put your posture too loose.

  • While lifting objects no matter heavy or light, always conform to a no bend from the legs to waist rule.
  • A daily work out regime of flexing the muscles in the core that is the abdomen and back
  • Regular stretching exercises.

It may be known to you that ‘prevention is better than cure’ Thus, taking these small measures can effectively lower down your chances of being the victim of this problem.

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