Inversion Table Comparison: Teeter and Ironman

Teeter and Ironman

Are you a golfer or athlete who often get back ache because of excessive stress on your body or want to try some new exercise regime? Then you should definitely consider buying an inversion table. It helps you reverse gravity compression on your spine as it relieves muscle spasms that are painful. The inversion table helps increase blood flow to body parts that usually see reduced circulation. You can do challenging sit-ups and stretches and promote a good body posture.

Do You Need an Inversion Table?

Tension, increased workload, stress and the effects of daily modern life has been resulting in many people having back pain. The more the number of people who complain of back pain, the greater the number of relieving methods discovered. A popular and proven method for relieving such pain is the use of an inversion table – and with the good many choices, you are sure to find one that is right for you.

Teeter EP-970 VS Ironman 5402

When it becomes to buying an inversion table, people are often confused which model to choose – Teeter EP-970 Inversion Table or Ironman 5402 Inversion Table, both of which are extremely good and popular among athletes. Let’s review the two options, to see which one fits your needs the best:

1. Assembly time and process

Teeter EP-970 – This equipment is easier to assemble and it barely takes 10 minutes. Some parts were semi-assembled, so the process was a lot faster.

Ironman 5402 – This inversion table took more than 25 minutes to assemble and some parts were missing, which needed to be bought even though the company was at fault.

2. Design of the inversion table

Teeter EP-970 – Teeter has a ComfortTrak bed that adjusts according to the comfort your back wants. It also lets your body slide easily for maximum decompression and you can place the rear frame at various angles so that you can incorporate many different kinds of stretches in your workout. You can attach the Comfort Cushion, an accessory that you can purchase separately. It provides extra comfort, which you can use if you have a sore back.

Ironman 5402 – On the other hand, Ironman has a memory foam, which doesn’t assist complete sliding of your body, thereby preventing complete compression. However, the relaxation is same as what Teeter provides because Ironman provides extra comfort.

3. Tested for safety

Teeter EP-970 – It is UL-certified, which guarantees that all safety and performance standards have been met. Teeter comes with security features that patented by the company, which includes cam locks, heat treated steel parts, auto-locking hinges, and specialized pivot bearings, making it a reliable equipment.

Ironman 5402 – FDA has approved Ironman as a 510(k) medical device to help provide traction to your spinal cord when you stretch the paraspinal muscles.

4. Warranty

Teeter EP-970 – It comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee and five year warranty, which means that if there’s any problem, the company will have it corrected at their expense.

Ironman 5402 – Ironman comes only with a one year warranty period, which is limited in nature.

5. Storage

Teeter EP-970 – This equipment folds easily and you don’t need any tools.

Ironman 5402 – You can fold the Ironman 5402 using the wrench tool.

6. Brand value

Teeter EP-970 – Teeter is definitely a bigger and older brand, which is known across the globe for 40 years of unmatched quality and service. The company is known for its superior quality manufacturing process and has freed more than three million from their back pain.

Ironman 5402 – Ironman is a relatively newer brand but definitely a promising one. It is very famous in athletic training and triathlon racing.

7. Accessories

Teeter EP-970 – Teeter comes with some free accessories, which include Healthy Back and Core Guide, Acupressure Nodes, TeeterLink app, head pillow, Lumbar Bridge, Healthy Back and Body Routines DVD, and 3D interactive instructions for assembling it.

Ironman 5402 – Unfortunately, Ironman 5402 comes with only one accessory – lumbar support pillow and an instruction manual. You will have to purchase all other required accessories.

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