[Review]: Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table


The Innova ITX9600 inversion table is for people who are looking to alleviate themselves from the occasional back pain or simply want to maintain a healthy spine. The product comes with many impressive features that you would like in different kind of top inversion tables. It is the only product from the company that is doing quite well. You can be sure that the others are doing quite well too. This is however for people looking for an affordable model that is cheaper and can deliver on most of their needs. Below you will get to learn more about what you can expect whenever you buy this inversion table.

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It is comfortable, big and strong

One of the features that make it the best is that the table screams it is large and great for your back rest. It is not common that you find many inversion tables being big and comfortable at the same time. The manufacturer will always try to keep things in check by cutting on one side and give it to the other. The backrest is made to be comfortable so that you can last for a long time whenever you are upside down.

For many people, you will be getting a lot of great experience and value for just half the cost. The same cannot be said whenever you opt for other models in its category. With the back well cushioned, you should have a successful and comfortable inversion session at any time.

Multiple safer inverting positions

The inversion table comes with an adjustable pin system that should be great when you need to select different types of inverting positions. Many brands will often have the strap style adjustment mode, which is good, but not as great when compared to the safety pin found in this product. This one should be able to let you choose just how far you want to go and for how long. It is quite great for people trying out inversion therapy for the first time. You can easily choose the best angle that you feel works great for you.

The pin system is also seen to be easier to use than when using the strap system. You simply need to unlock the pin and lock it in a place that you like. With the many user positions, you should be able to have a great workout at the end of the session.

High weight capacity and more user height capability

This inversion table is made to accommodate almost any user who wants to have an inversion table for a better workout. This is all because the inversion table comes with a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. Many people of different height too could enjoy using the same product without having to change anything. The manufacturer made it to accommodate the taller people too. You simply need to make sure that you can easily follow the instructions given by the manufacturer so that you can end up working out easily when using this table.

Assembly and storage

The assembly of this inversion table is very straightforward when using the clear pictures and written instructions given by the manufacturer. The manual is among the best rated for having clearly explained the steps needed to assemble the inversion table. In the event you end up having trouble with the assembly process, you can simply check out for more instructions online. Many people in the past have used the product before, so you can be sure that they might have used it before.

When it comes to storage of the table, it is made to be easy as it can fold up to occupy less space. The process of folding it down is quite simple so that you can fold it up quite easily. Once it is folded down, you should easily find a place to keep the inversion table so that you can take it out later for a session whenever needed.


  • With this product, you will get a heavy duty frame for better stability
  • It is made to be easy to assemble
  • The four position positive inversion lock sets it apart from others in terms of safety
  • The folding frame makes it easy for storage


  • There is no stop lock for abdominal workout
  • It is not designed to fold flat for tight storage


It is easy to find many people enjoying the features found in this type of inversion table. It is made to do everything and more depending on what you need in an inversion table. With its great comfort features, you should be in a position to enjoy using the inversion table more often to ensure you get to enjoy what it has to offer. In any session, there is a chance you will always feel great about yourself by working out effectively.

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