How Does Sugar Affect Back Pain?

Sugar Affect Back Pain

Everything is excess is bad for health and sugar is no different. You might have read many articles and blog that say a balanced and healthy diet contains no sugar and lots of fiber, protein, and omega-3. Students have confirmed that certain food groups can cause back and joint pain in humans and one of them is sugar, especially because it is so easy to eat an excessive amount of it.

Back pain is a commonly found problem. Athletes or sports people often develop chronic back problems due to prolonged periods of playing or injuries. People who sit at a desk all day long also tend to suffer from back pain due to posture problems. Posture problems also affect people when they drive or ride regularly for many hours.

Tension, increased workload, stress and the effects of daily modern life has been resulting in many people having back pain. The more the number of people who complain of back pain, the greater the number of relieving methods discovered. A popular and proven method for relieving such pain is the use of an inversion table.

No matter what the reason for your chronic pain is, you know that you need an effective way to deal with it.

How Do You Deal With It?

Since there are no chronic tests that can tell you the degree of pain that you have, all that a doctor does is ask you how you are feeling. You would need to tell him whether you are feeling pain all the time or it happens during particular times. Pain can originate from any part of the body, and you need medical professional help if it goes out of hand.

However, with the right treatment, you would be able to avoid this problem.

How Does Sugar Play a Role?

An average American man consumes around 82g or 19.5 teaspoons of sugar daily, which equals to 328 kcals extra daily, which equals to 30 kgs yearly. According to American standards, recommended daily allowance for an average man is 38g or nine teaspoons and for an average woman is 25g or six teaspoons. While many people are aware that common side effects of overconsumption of sugar, including diabetes mellitus 2, depression, obesity, and cardiovascular disorders, they aren’t aware of the newly discovered side effects that are back and joint pain.

When you consume a high amount of sugar, your body produces insulin and stress hormones, which in turn triggers inflammatory responses. This leads to chronic pain in the body and it is the highest in parts of your body where there’s minimum supply of blood, which is the joints and back.

The only way to reduce back and joint pain is by reducing intake of sugar and increasing consumption of fiber-rich polysaccharides. Here are five simple ways to change your lifestyle and diet to reduce inflammation and back pain:

1. Low glycaemic index
Sugar has high glycaemic index it increases blood sugar immediately, so consume food that has a low glycaemic index. These foods include fiber-rich polysaccharides, protein, and good fats. It helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Avoid foods like white bread, orange juice, white rice, and sugary treats.

2. Drink lots of water
Drink at least two to three liters of water daily as it regulates blood sugar and keeps down inflammatory chemicals. It also helps to flush out all toxins via the kidneys.

3. Exercise regularly
Staying active helps you to regulate insulin levels and also releases endorphins in the body that makes you feel happy all day long.

4. Stress management
By managing stress levels, you can bring down insulin and inflammatory hormones in your bloodstream.

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