• The Society Needs to do more for Male Victims of Sexual Assault

      I have always felt sexual assault is something that can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender or status. It leaves the victim traumatized and broken emotionally, apart from possible physical harm. However, men and boys ...
    • What Questions Should I Ask A Podiatrist?

      What questions should I ask a podiatrist? I get this sort of question from many of my friends who are suffering from foot pain. Some even wonder if it is something that can be treated at ...
    • Do you take viagra without needing it? Think twice

      Since the FDA approved the use of Viagra in March 1998, men’s sex lives have changed. Especially that of those older children who had hydraulic problems in their reproductive system and prevented them from producing an ...
    • Tips To Practice Hot Stone Therapy Safely

      The massage therapist has put a lot of effort into learning the techniques of kneading, bodywork, pressure, etc. to help customer relaxes, feel better, heal or relieve pain. However, a masseur needs to continue their studies ...
    • Benefits Of Using Disposable Vaporizers

      Quitting smoking can be tough. Vaping is developing in popularity as an approach to help people quit smoking by gradually lowering their nicotine intake until they can completely eliminate it. E-liquids contain far less toxins than ...
    • Pet Therapy Can Help Seniors

      Pet therapy has proven to be beneficial for seniors. It is also known as animal-assisted therapy. For the non-pet people, this may sound a little odd, but research has shown that this type of therapy does ...
    • Unpacking the benefits and risks of microdermabrasion

      What was once a new-fangled skin treatment has become a common cosmetic procedure embraced by those seeking a refreshed and refined look. Indeed, the art of microdermabrasion has infiltrated beauty regimes across the world. Whether you’re ...
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