Emer Foldable Premium Gravity Inversion Table Review


For many years, people have always used the inversion therapy tables to end up relieving themselves of issues such as like stress or back pain. You too could benefit from it by choosing the right model today. This one will get you loving it even more without a doubt. In the end, you can always choose this more for having the best features. We get to check out why people love it so much.

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Top brand features

Just like any other top brands, you would expect that the model delivers on performance, great features and a lot more. The first thing you will not should be how easy it is to adjust so that it contours to your body type. Once you get to do the adjustments, it should feel comfortable to use for longer sessions. Those who have used it before can agree that it helped them have a better sleep at night by just inverting for ten minutes.

The machine is built for the ultimate relaxation that most people are always looking for. You might have just got back from work and you need some relaxation before sleep at night. You can always opt for such a table so that it gives you the right relaxation. The inventor is also said to have had a bad back, but now thanks to the use of the inversion table, more people are now back pain free.

The brand has over 10 years of experience meaning that they understand what it means by making the best product for the people. It is the reason you more advanced engineering done to this type of inversion therapy to deliver the best inversion experience ever.

It delivers certified quality

It is without a doubt that most people would want to spend their money only on the best products. The inversion table will make you feel it is all worth it spending the money on it thanks to the durability it offers. The durability is amazing due to the use of great materials that can handle more inversions for various people.

As much as many other people would just buy any inversion table, it is better to choose this one for its quality standards. Comparing it to the other types on the market, you get that it is made of great quality materials. It is among the top models that is made of strong materials that last for a long time to come.

Impressive ankle system

It goes without saying that your comfort when inverting is important to ensure that you get to do the workout properly. The comfort on this model is enhanced by using a great and unique ankle comfort. The model comes with a great pressure reducing form on the ankle locks for better support and comfort.

The ankle comfort dial on the model helps with adjusting the foot platform height. This should help with customizing the grip on the model to make it deliver a secure fit at all times. A secure fit means that you get to enjoy working even better.

Heavy duty support and guides

The model features a raised grip important for enhanced stretching. By the time you are done with the whole inversion, you should be feeling it was all worth doing the workout. It is able to increase the corner feet to a width of 20 percent. The feet of the model are made to deliver the best support you will need for working out more often. They are also made to deliver more protection to the floors. You will not have to worry about it scratching the floor of the room.

The finishing of the model is made to be scratch resistant. It feels great knowing that you can get the best inversion therapy table that does not easily scratch.


  • It is made of great quality for better durability at all times
  • It is easy to fold for storage in a few seconds
  • It comes with comfortable ankle locks
  • It is easily adjustable for personal comfort


  • Some users have complained about missing some essential hardware


Being the best in terms of performance, build and many more features is what makes this model to be among the top inversion tables today. Get it today to experience more benefits.

>>Click here to see pricing, ratings, and reviews on Amazon.com.<<

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