7 Tips for Pain-Free Travel

Back Pain Free Travel

Traveling for long hours, either by road or air, can be painful because you have to sit in one place. It is more challenging if you are a person who finds it hard to sit in a place for more than 10 minutes. The back and joints pain the most because they get very less movement. Loving to travel doesn’t mean you have go through pain for it.

More often than not, chronic pain is really difficult to get away with completely. Even the best medications cannot help. You can though improve your mobility significantly and help you ease the pain to the minimum possible if you follow the right treatments. While medications and surgery can work, having a lifestyle – like one with restorative yoga in it, can do wonders.

The Top Tips to Help You On Your Travels

Here are top seven tips for reducing pain while traveling long distances:

1. Comfortable shoes

Invest in a good pair of travel shoes that are shock absorbent and easy to take off and put on. Don’t forget to wear shoes because no one around you would want to smell anything odd, especially if they aren’t able to open the windows.

2. Maintain your posture

Airplane seats aren’t the most comfortable, so make sure that you ask the air hostess for some extra pillows, so that you don’t hurt your back. Always carry a neck pillow while traveling, so that you don’t hurt your neck in your sleep.

3. Don’t forget to stretch

If you are traveling by car, stop every hour or two and get out of the car and walk around. Stretch your legs and laterals, so that you free the muscle from all build-up tension. If you flying in air, get up and walk down the aisle to free your legs.

4. Carry a back support

If you get back pain while traveling, carry a good massage cushion with you. If you want, you can go for an automatic one, which has a heat modulator and also gives neck and lumbar massage for further comfort.

5. Before traveling

Before boarding the flight or starting the road trip, perform some yoga postures, so that every part of your body is stretched and relaxed. Some exercises that you can perform are hamstring stretch, cat pose, and cobra pose. You can do some meditation exercises as well.

6. Pack light

Pack clothes that you can mix and match and are light. If you are traveling during the summers, carry dresses instead of pants and t-shirts as they pile up on the weight. Stay at a hotel that has cleaning or laundry services so you can’t pack fewer clothes and won’t need to carry around a heavy back, which weighs as much as you.

7. Don’t stress the body

Plan your daily travel schedule according to your energy levels. Don’t visit a lot of tourist attractions on the day you reach the destination.

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