10 Ways an Inversion Table Can Relieve Back Pain

Inversion Table

Back pain can make your life come to a halt. Many people fear to go to the doctor and end up getting surgery. One way to relieve back ache is by using an inversion table. There are many factors that can cause back pain, and an inversion table can help you with short-term management.

So what is an inversion therapy? You lie on a table, which is turned upside down such that your spine is not under pressure anymore. It opens up your vertebral column and increases blood circulation to your back reducing the back pain. According to American College of Physicians, inversion therapy isn’t harmful to use and shows a high level of effectiveness over other non-surgical methods to relieve back pain.

Here are ten ways an inversion table can relieve back pain:

Body pain

Rather than going to a doctor straight away, you can go to a physiotherapist and try out the inversion table therapy. It might simply be a ligament damage because of a new exercise you tried.


Compression of the sciatic nerve causes sciatica, and can be quite painful if left untreated. When you decompress it, the pain’s gone and joints that were locked open up. The therapy progress is slow but works better than surgery.

Spinal Degenerative Joint Disease

In spinal degenerative joint disease, cartilage wears away and causes shooting pain symptoms like joint lockage, deformity, instability, and stiffness. The disease can’t be stopped, but by using inversion table, you can prolong the symptoms.

Tight Muscles causing Spinal Curvature

When you have weak abdominal muscles, you are at a greater risk of muscle tightening that can cause curving of the spine. An unhealthy posture can lead to misalignment of the vertebral column leading to back pain. Inversion table therapy helps in improving the posture and reduce pain at the same time.

Muscle Tension

If you do vigorous exercise often, you are prone to back pain caused by muscle tension. An athlete uses inversion table not only for reducing back pain but also for increasing body flexibility and relax muscles of the whole body.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease is something irreversible but you can relieve pain by decompressing the spinal cord to reduce the excruciating pain. Taking pain medicine has a lot of stress on your body and using inversion table can reduce the pills.

Herniated Disc

Inversion table stops the degeneration of disks and widens the gap in between them. When the pressure’s off, the discs are filled with spinal fluid that helps in the healing process. Daily therapy is crucial if you want a fast recovery.

Muscle Spasm

Muscle spasm has no particular cause but pains a lot. Using the inversion table therapy, you can decompress the region that frees up the spinal cord, which then straightens on its own. The process is slow but the efforts are long-term, and you won’t need to consume any pain killers.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition in which the vertebral column becomes thinner compressing the spinal cord and causing shooting pain and cramping in legs. You can use the inversion table decrease inflammation of nerves and reduce pressure in the tissues. Once the pressure’s gone, the tissues heal on their own and over time the issue is solved.

Facet Syndrome

In Facet Syndrome, the cartilage that protects joints between the vertebrae degenerate over time and breaks apart causing stiffness, swelling, tenderness of muscle tissue, and back pain. Using inversion table therapy, you can join back the cartilage and strengthens the surrounding muscles to reduce back pain. It also decreases pressure in the tissue.

If you are suffering from back pain, do not wait any longer. It will only get worse with time. Instead, going in for an inversion table will ensure that you could treat it at the earliest and lead a normal life, just as you wanted to always!

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