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The team at Lactic Acid Web Design are like minded people who are passionate and dedicated to the health and fitness industry.

Anywhere from a basic site (If you are interested to establish an online presence, we can create a simple and informative ‘brochure’ style site), to a complete complex website with video or flash. If you would like to be the leader in your field online, we’ll create a Lactic Acid Web Design website design that is tailored to your needs and marketing goals to ensure visitors and convert them to sales!

We have the honour and priviledge of sponsoring some of the most amazing athletes and representatives within the sport. We look forward to building out team and helping launch the profile of many more.


Leanne Avery - Inspirational Bodies

I have never been involved in any sport that has the level of support and encouragement from all likeminded wonderful people. The other competitors, their drive, their dedication and determination is purely inspirational.

Through my journey I decided to launch the Inspirational Bodies profile site - initially under the website  I wanted to share with everyone the amazing stories and inspirational people that I had met along the way. The goal was to be able to inspire one more person to get off their butt and know that if I could do it then any one could..... just check out some of the stories!!!!

Within only the first 4 months of launching the site grew so big I had to split it again and have part of the site such as the Social Network, Forum and Online shop remain on but move all of the profiles to

The site would not be as successful as it is today, or my profile as strong within the industry without the unconditional support from the amazing team at Lactic Acid.


Pedro Relvas

I have been involved in the sport for quite sometime and yet feel like a novice surround by all these inspiring and motivational athletes. Inspirational bodies provides me with the motivation I need to keep improving, growing and learning. I was lucky enough to be sponsored by Lactic Acid Web Design. What a blessing.

Having run my own web site for a while, I hesitated to give control to a 'professional team'. I was soon to realise that the word professional was to be joined by the word personal. After a few talks with Rob and Leanne they 'clicked' into who I was and how I could express myself. Their knowledge and technical base is 2nd to none and what makes them industry leaders is their ability to tap into their clients both on professional level as well as personal.

My website is not just successful, but, it is something I have become very proud to share. Give credit where credit is due..... I am an industry leader because I chose industry leaders to guide me. Thank you LAWD and Inspirational Bodies.


Kelli Johnson - Pro Figure Athlete

Through the past 12 years of personal training I have had the good fortune to share my knowledge with others who wish to transform their lives, not only through exercise but also through nutritional and emotional health.

I believe we need to create what we want and it is beneficial to source out others who can assist us and motivate us to our ultimate and individual perception of health and wellbeing.
It is not a text book that will get you to where you want to be, it is life experience and learned knowledge from those who are true to themselves, those who have created balance and achievement throughout their own lives and are prepared to share with us their vault of experience.

Here is the amazing site Lactic Acid created for me

Michelle Price - WBFF Pro Figure Athlete

I believe we personally are the ones who can decide what is possible and we are the ones who can overcome the obstacles we face on the path of achieving our goals. Life is what you make it, so make it yours.

Never give up, reach for the top!!!!

I have met many interesting people and have developed great friendships along the way. I feel blessed to have the support of my family and friends in all aspects of my life.  Having such a fulfilled personal life is critical to my success.

As for my future goals, I would like to continue to push myself to new heights in all aspects of my life and see where it takes me. It is just the beginning….


Teneka Hyndman - Figure Athlete

Lactic Acid Web Design live and breathe their core values. I truly felt a part of the ‘Team’ when working together to develop my website. They were positive, understanding, and very encouraging to promote every aspect of not only my business, but also promoting my personal success as an international figure athlete.

Each year, little by little, my body continues to develop and improve... which is very motivating... and the results inspire me to keep going - to reach my maximum potential!

It is such an AMAZING feeling to have represented NZ in USA, and come home with both International "Champion" titles in the Ms Physique Class at the 2010 Natural "Universe" + "Olympia" contests.

In 2011 I would love to work towards developing my physique in certain key areas which I still feel I can improve on...

Over and above all of my personal goals, my driving force as a Personal Trainer is to: educate, motivate and inspire others to achieve long-lasting results with exercise, nutrition, and a healthy balanced lifestyle.


Janere Reid - Figure Athlete

Im 41 yrs old and have been Personal Training people for 9yrs now. I conduct my business from WORLD GYM ADELAIDE, and  train people for all goals including weight management, strength building and increasing fitness.

My speciality lies in sculpting and muscle building and competition preparation. From training to diets, and posing and routines.

I wouldnt consider this as work and am very fortunate to have found an occupation in which i am able help people achieve happier and healthier lives. I believe that in anything u do u must have integrity, so walking the walk and practising what you preach is the foundation on which i build my business and in doing this i have met and motivated so many awesome and amazing people to change their lives.

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