Zoe Daly


Hi I’m Zoë and this is my story.

I am a born Fitness Model and I think I was always destined to be where I am today- despite getting lost in my “crazy” teen years! When my Mother was pregnant with me she was going through a “super fit” stage in her life! She was at the gym every day- I truly believe this effected me before I was even born

My Mother is a Doctor & my Father a Bio Medical Engineer who was on the team that designed the Cochlear Ear Implant, so I guess you could say I know a fair bit about the human body & its capabilities when fit & healthy! Both fitness enthusiasts - always cycling, walking, climbing mountains, skiing, playing squash & windsurfing.

They took my older brother & sister & I sailing on our yacht every weekend when we were little kids and we were always very active, finding deserted beaches where we could swim & play & explore for hours on end. They didn’t allow a TV in the house until I was in High School, which meant we were always playing- I am so grateful for this now! Not only did I read A LOT – I was the fittest kid around!

Athletic genes from my Fathers side meant I have always been fit & lean, very active growing up. I was quite the tomboy- always on the go whether it be cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, ice skating, surfing or baseball. I loved it all! I was actually a partially sponsored Rollerblader aged 10- by Manly Blades. I used to roll in on 10ft ramps! My brother went on to represent Australia in the X Games and I think that could have been me too- but I turned 13 and suddenly I didn’t want to hurt myself, or break a nail, or get dirty clothes. It was not ‘cool’ . I was growing up…

These days I am far more feminine but my passion for fitness is now my way of life! I suffered depression on & off since my late teens, it became a vicious cycle of self sabotage stemming from my fears of both failure & success. I found training to be theraputic to me, a place I could escape feelings of anxiety & sadness. I started going to the gym regularly in 2007, aged 22/23. My friends always commented on how great I looked & wanted tips on training & nutrition.

At the time I was selling prestige cars, a collegue of mine always talked about the Institute of Fitness, where he had studied and was now teaching RPM classes, a great way to combine his passion with making money. I decided to go & study Cert III & IV and became a personal trainer & Group Fitness Instructor. Despite accomplishing this and following my heart I was still not content in life & still experienced depression which at times was debilitating. I used to dream of emotional stability & doing great things in the Fitness Industry.


Early last year I had reached a great place in my life, content with myself at last! I had found an amazing partner who had really helped me find myself.

My happiness truly showed in my physique! I was looking & feeling fabulous!  I had always hoped I would find the confidence to do a Sports Model Competition.

I decided to enter the ANB Sydney Physique Championships on May 23rd 2010 (It was my Birthday that day too)

The time had come- I was ready ! It was a Birthday present to myself. I came third that day in a line up of more than 25 girls- I was instantly addicted!



* 2010 Natural Bodz photoshoot. Cover model of Natural Bodz October/November issue.
   And also 2011 Natural Bodz calendar – month of October sports model.

* Featured in Oxygen, Ironman Magazine and Muscle & Fitness.
   I recently did a shoot for Oxygen and It would be a dream come true if they were to do a feature article on me or better yet put
   me on the cover!

* July 7th 2011. Cover of my local newspaper- The Manly Dailyinterviewed me I was very happy knowing that my story would be
   heard by local people and I may be able to inspire others to lead a healthier lifestyle!

* Featured twice on back cover of “The Leader” The Sutherland Shire local Newspaper. (October 2011)

* White Glo Infomercial featured on Channel 9 (July 2010 & October 2011)

Between May and October I competed in 5 more comps. Here is my competition history:



ANB Sydney Physique Championships -

ANB Asia Pacific International -SPORTS MODEL- 4TH

INBA All Female Classic –SPORTS MODEL- 2nd Place

INBA NSW State Titles – SPORTS MODEL- 1st Place

IFBB Australian National Titles - BIKINI- 3RD Place

IFBB NSW State Titles-  BIKINI- 1st Place


Asia Pacific International Fitness Model Championships - FITNESS MODEL- 1st Place

IFBB Australian National Titles - BIKINI- 1st Place

IFBB NSW State Titles- BIKINI- 1st Place


My most recent competition, on October 15th, the IFBB National & State Titles, was the most amazing comp I have ever experienced. I felt the energy with me that day… Winning both Titles certainly added to the euphoria I was feeling!

Winning the National Title earned me a place at the Arnold Sports Festival in March 2012 in Columbus, Ohio. I am overwhelmed & honored at my selection to compete at this prestigious event, to represent Australia on the World Stage. I will have a chance at winning my Pro Card, which will allow me to compete on the elite pro circuit! WOW!

I cannot wait to show the world what I am made of!

Aside from competing I am a personal trainer, avid Pilates & yoga enthusiast and all round ambassador for health & fitness! In the near future I will embark on a new, intellectual adventure. I have been accepted in to UTS to do a Bachelors degree.

I would love to study psychology & have a career in sports psychology. Coming from a family of Doctors and fitness fanatics, the foundations were laid at a young age and I have finally realized my life’s calling.

I enjoy helping others understand the importance & benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It is very liberating to realize this as I now have a strong sense of direction. Writing is also a passion of mine.

At the age of 9 I won a novel writing competition and was offered a publishing contract by Star Publications! One day I know I will write a book about my life experiences, to reach out & help others who may be suffering depression or feeling lost in their lives. Nobody should have to feel this way & I would like to show them that a fit & healthy lifestyle truly heals you from within. Life throws us all curveballs, I believe through all my experiences, I have developed ‘mental agility’ to cope with these!

I am excited to see what the future has in store… Please join me on my athlete page & follow me on my journey!


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